How the Student Learning Centre can support your students

Did you know that the Student Learning Centre has two drop-in centres for students seeking academic support? The drop-in centres are located at the Central Library (Learning Lounge) and at the Sturt Library. Students who want to improve their academic performance can meet academic advisors who can assist them.

Student Learning Centre staff can help with academic writing, referencing, paraphrasing, assignment planning and structure, Endnote, statistics and basic numeracy. While the staff do not proofread, edit, write assignments for students, provide content specific assistance or provide solutions, they can help students to brainstorm and map their ideas, explain and identify recurring language and referencing problems, and help them understand basic numeracy concepts.

In addition, the Student Learning Centre publishes many useful guides on academic writing, referencing, language skills and numeracy. These useful resources can be downloaded from the Student Learning Centre website and the Student Learning Centre FLO site.

You can link to our resources in your topic guides or FLO site and advise students to visit the drop-in centres to help them improve. The service is intended for students at all levels who want to improve their academic performance.

Contributed by Dr Lalitha Velautham
Teaching Specialist – Student Learning Centre

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