Training for staff managing or supervising WIL

In the context of the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015 (HES Framework), work-integrated learning (WIL) encompasses any arrangement where students undertake learning in a workplace outside of their higher education provider as a part of their course of study. (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, 2017, p. 1)

WIL is a strategic priority for our University and aimed at improving the employability of our students by giving them valuable practical experience which is directly related to the courses being studied.

It is essential that the University adequately prepares students for WIL activities, to maximise the learning potential they offer. For University staff involved in WIL, you have the opportunity to:

  • integrate student learning experiences into curriculum development
  • help students gain a whole range of ‘real world’ skills and abilities, linked to their studies
  • form collaborative relationships and partnerships between the University and industry and community to facilitate WIL opportunities
  • provide students with a WIL experience which is an effective and positive learning experience
  • create and tailor innovative or more applicable WIL opportunities through collaboration with past employers of placement students.

If you are involved in the development and delivery of WIL programs, it is important to be familiar with the processes, policies and practices behind its effective implementation. Therefore, all academic and professional staff with an involvement in WIL activities are required to complete a workshop program specifically designed to provide a clearer understanding of the elements of successful WIL.

The Managing Work-Integrated Learning (‘Managing WIL’) workshops are compulsory for all new staff involved in leading, supervising and organising WIL activities including placements, practicums and field studies. They also provide new and relevant information for existing staff managing WIL activities and other on-campus, work-integrated related activities and industry liaison. This professional development is intended to ensure consistency of understanding and practice for staff engaged in WIL activities and placement experiences.

Managing WIL is delivered as an online FLO topic and a full-day workshop. The FLO topic, which takes approximately two hours, must be completed prior to commencing the workshop.

The next workshop is scheduled for Tuesday 13 November 2018. For details regarding the workshop and how to enrol visit Staff development opportunities: Managing Work-Integrated Learning.

If you are unclear whether you need to attend a Managing WIL workshop or if you would like to know more, you can contact Nina Tabor, Manager Work-Integrated Learning.


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Contributed by Nina Tabor
Manager Work-Integrated Learning – CILT

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