Using third-party resources in teaching

Did you know that the University has a Readings system that assists with collating third party resources for use in teaching?

There are lots of great things about the Readings system. Here are just a few:

  • The Library will make sure that your resources (including links to websites and online publications) are kept up to date.
  • Students can easily report links as broken and these reports will go to the Library (not you).
  • Resources will roll over for each new teaching period of your topic.
  • The Library will optimise scans with text recognition.
  • You can drag and drop PDF files into your readings list.
  • Quickly add Library resources to your readings list via a search; if it’s held electronically it will automatically complete – no need to upload or wait for the Library to process!
  • Create your list in week or module order, then simply hit the “Send for Processing” button and the Library will finalise your list.
  • Use the handy Cite it! tool to quickly add resources while browsing the web or searching in a database.
  • The Library will manage your scans and third party materials, leaving you free to focus on teaching.
  • The Library will make sure your resources are compliant so that the University can meet its legal obligations, which means you don’t need to worry about this.

Will the Library put my readings in the system for me?
Yes. If you have materials in your FLO topic, just contact the Library and they will add these to the Readings system for you – in your topic Readings list. When this is complete (takes about 3-10 days), they will let you know, and you can then remove them from your FLO site.

If you need help removing the materials from your FLO site, contact your local eLearning support team. Don’t worry, your students will be able to access the materials from the Readings system.

What should go in the Readings system?
Not all resources should go into the Readings system; for example, lecture notes, lecture recordings and tutorial notes should stay in FLO. For more information on what best sits in the new system see the Best home for… guide.

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