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The Student Ideas Gateway, a student initiative, enables students to provide their thoughts, improvements, ideas and critiques to the University.

Our students have told us that they don’t have an avenue to provide their ideas and feedback to the University and be confident they are being heard. With this feedback in mind, the Compass Program developed the Student Ideas Gateway. This initiative gives students a direct channel for feedback to the University and will increase our ability to continuously improve the student experience, including the facilities and services we offer at Flinders.

Students can be encouraged and directed to take their ideas to the Gateway. The Student Experience team will acknowledge all student feedback within two business days and initiate collaborations with relevant areas across the University. Students have the option to remain anonymous, in which case they won’t be responded to personally, but their ideas will still be considered. The Student Experience team continue to promote the Gateway to students through a range of communication channels (Ping!, Ask Flinders Facebook page, posters, digital signage etc).

The Student Ideas Gateway does not replace the existing mechanisms to make an official complaint or appeal, or to report an incident related to safety or sexual harassment – these processes remain as they are. The Student Ideas Gateway is a mechanism for students to share an idea, positive comment or criticism relating to their experience at Flinders.

Visit the Student Ideas Gateway for further information or if you have any questions, please email the Student Experience team:

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