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If you are looking for an innovative and practical way to prompt students to engage differently in their own learning and nurture interdisciplinary connections, a new online object-based learning (OBL) toolkit has just made the unique and diverse collection of the Flinders University Museum of Art (FUMA) even more accessible. This is terrific timing with much of our teaching moving online. 

What is object-based learning?
Object-based learning (OBL)  supports learning in an active and experiential way across disciplines.  Students can be supported to discover how to use art objects for powerful intellectual and emotional learning experiences. Through object-based learning students can apply research skills, visual literacy, employability skills, critical thinking and problem solving through visual art in any discipline.

What is in the object-based learning (OBL) toolkit?
Complementing the FUMA online collections catalogue, which already allows you to explore more than 8000 art objects held in the Flinders University Museum of Art collection,  the new OBL toolkit now guides you through the entire process of using art for learning in any discipline at Flinders, even if you have never used art in your teaching before.

The OBL toolkit can help you to:

  • understand what object-based learning is
  • identify artworks in the FUMA collection
  • arrange digital and physical access to artworks
  • understand the power of object-based learning in higher education
  • design learning activities based on art objects
  • book and run OBL sessions in the Art Museum space
  • explore case studies and ideas for OBL learning activities
  • consider learning through art for curriculum innovation and renewal.

Start your explorations by reading the object-based learning (OBL) at FUMA guide before  submitting an OBL expression of interest.

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