Accessibility and inclusivity in FLO

How do we know if what we are doing in FLO is accessible and inclusive for all students?

This is a difficult question to answer outright. We may be developing FLO sites for current students and anticipating future students. We need to design for known and unknown diverse learning situations.

To help you address accessibility and inclusivity in your FLO sites, CILT has developed a Good Practice Guide and Tip Sheet.

You can access our resources from the Online teaching – tips and support web page. There are also direct links to the resources below:

Defines accessible and inclusive learning, why it is important, and legislation and guidelines.

Practical and proactive techniques for FLO activities, technology tips, structuring text and multimedia content, styles and formats, and where to get help.

We welcome your feedback on these new resources. Please let us know if these have helped answer your questions about accessibility and inclusivity in FLO.

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