Do I need to worry about “Zoom bombing” with Collaborate?

If you’ve been watching the media you will have read about some unfortunate “Zoom bombing” incidents that have been experienced by some educational providers where uninvited people enter web conferencing sessions and make nuisances of themselves.

Luckily, the likelihood of this happening is low with Collaborate at Flinders. Why?

As you are scheduling Collaborate sessions in your topic, it is important to highlight some points to ensure security of the session:

Secure authentication – The most common way for students to join Collaborate sessions is via their FLO topic. Using this method, students authenticate by logging into FLO using their FAN. You may however have cases where you would like to invite a guest lecturer into the session. To do this you can use the guest link to the session, but we certainly do recommend restricting use of the guest link to trusted special guests.

Restrict participant permissions – The default session settings enable participants to use whiteboard tools, control their video/audio and use the chat feature. If these functions are not needed for your session, you can disable them either when you schedule the session, or you can even turn them off for all participants while you are in the session (session settings).

Confidential Collaborate sessions – If you have a need to run confidential meetings or 1:1 sessions with students in Collaborate we recommend using a dedicated FLO site or sandpit.

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