Curriculum Management Program Update

The Curriculum Management Program continues to make significant progress towards the early 2021 implementation of CourseLoop, the enterprise solution for managing and publishing curriculum at Flinders.

With the substantial effort of migrating data now successfully completed, the focus turns to building of the curriculum structures in CourseLoop and activities to support the implementation in February 2021 including training, demonstrations, drop-in sessions and support design.

How you can get familiar with CourseLoop

  1. Check out this handy resource CourseLoop what is it, and what’s in it for you?
  2. Book to attend a demonstration through iEnrol (December sessions, more will be available early 2021)
  3. Drop-in sessions are planned for February and March 2021. These sessions will be an opportunity for staff to access expert support from members of the Education Quality Team who will be on hand to answer questions and provide support for the transition to CourseLoop.

Statement of Assessment Methods (SAMs) 2021
 In preparation for the transition to CourseLoop there has been a review of all learning outcome data stored in the Student Management System. The Online Learning Systems team are currently preparing to make SAMs available for contributions and are in the process of contacting relevant College SAS staff and SAMs administrators with more information.

For 2021, SAMs learning outcome data will continue to be sourced from the Student Management System, however it will no longer be possible to edit this data in FLEX. This process will ensure that learning outcome data already migrated into the CourseLoop Curriculum Management System remains current and consistent with what has been published in the SAMs. Should amendments to Learning Outcomes be required, the Educational Quality team will be able to help facilitate approval of these amendments.

Throughout next year integrations between CourseLoop and SAMs will be implemented which will provide opportunities for streamlining the SAMs contributions and approvals process as a result of all governed data being approved in CourseLoop and then flowing through to the SAMs.

For further information about the Curriculum Management Program please visit the website and if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback about the program, please contact the Project Team.

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