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With the start of semester 1 teaching this month, things can get busier than usual quite quickly. Brushing up on your Flinders Learning Online (FLO) teaching skills is always a worthy time investment, especially before assessment items fall due.

The Online Learning and Teaching (OLT) team offer a range of courses and self-paced workshops ranging from Introduction to FLO through to Gradebook management.

The current course offerings can be found on the iEnrol Learning & teaching web page. If the course you’re interested in is not currently offered or is offered at a time that doesn’t suit you, click on the course title link and add yourself to the waiting list. If the content you’re interested in isn’t listed at all then send an email to ienrol@flinders.edu.au and we’ll consider the suggestion for future offerings.

For staff who are interested in enrolling in our self-paced workshops available in FLO, you can self-enrol via the links provided below:

Self-paced Workshops

Even though these workshops are titled as self-paced, they could also be used for teaching teams to work through specific sections together, sharing knowledge and supporting each other as they go.

To enrol:

  • Click on link for the subject content.
  • The link takes you to FLO (you may need to login) and a Self-Enrolment (Student) window. Click the Continue button.
  • Click the blue ’Enrol me’ button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once in the topic you can work your way through the content in your own time.
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