Flinders Learning and Teaching Academy

The Flinders Learning and Teaching Academy is designed to support and improve teaching quality and practices within and between Colleges, raise the profile and build awareness of our teaching specialists, and help generate and facilitate Scholarship of Learning and Teaching opportunities.

Through consolidating and leveraging existing activities, the Academy provides a coherent structure across and within Colleges to enable, support and promote exploration, innovation and excellence in teaching and the support of learning.

The Flinders Learning and Teaching Academy operates in a hub and spoke model with an Academy in each College and an umbrella academy to facilitate coordination between the Colleges and support University-wide activities.

The Flinders Learning and Teaching Academy is open to all teaching academics including teaching specialists and balanced academics. Teaching specialists are expected to participate.

Professional staff can also participate in relevant activities. Professional and academic staff aligned with Colleges can participate in College-based activities as well as University-wide activities.

The Academy is being officially launched Friday, 9 April 3-4pm in Flinders Tavern.

Contact cilt@flinders.edu.au to register your attendance (if you haven’t already).

See you there!

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