Using technology in your teaching

The rapid changes undertaken in early 2020 to provide emergency teaching online led to incredible innovation in the use of technology in teaching. This now continues to evolve as staff keep pushing boundaries and enhance their FLO sites. Students and staff now know the benefits available through learning and teaching online, so along with this continued reliance on technology, comes a huge shift in expectations. Greater flexibility and more self-direction are commonly sought after, and an ever-growing number of tools are becoming available to try and meet this demand. This can quickly create a minefield that you, as an academic, need to navigate.

The newly published Tip sheet – Using technology in your teaching discusses the different types of technology approved and available within the Flinders learning and teaching environment. Guidance is provided on choosing appropriate tools to meet the learning needs of your students, meet organisational security requirements and to ensure you align with education strategy. This tip sheet also looks at compliance with relevant Higher Education Standards and Acts. On occasion, specialist software may be needed to get your students industry ready. If this applies to your topic, use the questions in the tip sheet to help you work through several important aspects to consider. Using reliable, secure technology we aim to provide both familiarity and variability to students to make their learning journey interesting and manageable.

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