New digital learning workshop

A new workshop is now available that will assist teaching teams to collaboratively develop and document a set of agreed digital learning approaches to be used across a course, discipline, or teaching program.

The workshop – digital learning design and delivery approaches – has been designed to be undertaken collaboratively with teaching team members from your course, discipline, or teaching program.=

At the beginning of the workshop teams are encouraged to answer some broad, overarching questions. For example, what are the digital learning goals – fully online, some online availabilities, an increase/improvement in the use of digital learning tools, or something else?

Once the overall goals have been articulated and agreed, the digital learning guidelines have been used as a framework to pose a series of guiding questions to generate conversation within the team. It is this part of the workshop where you can dive deeper into discussions about the digital learning approaches that are relevant to your course, discipline, or teaching program. A template is provided for your team to document the agreed approach following discussion.

This works well as a standalone workshop or as part of the curriculum design accelerator series and can lead to more focused and targeted FLO-based workshops depending on the needs of the teaching team. The workshop is designed as a package and can be facilitated by staff within the course, discipline, or teaching program, or by the Learning Designer in your College.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact the learning designer in your College.

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