Using analytics to support student learning

Monitoring student success should take place at several levels: throughout a course, across topics and within a topic. Monitoring students’ engagement and progress within topics, particularly early in the topic to provide support or intervention, enables students to get back on track and complete the topic. This can be particularly important for first year topics and can lead to improved student engagement and improved retention. There are a number of reports in FLO that can provide invaluable analytic data which you can use to evaluate student engagement within your FLO topic.

There is a new tip sheet available that outlines several strategies that can be implemented using analytic data readily available through FLO. The tip sheet – Using analytics to support student learning outlines how you can use reports within FLO to evaluate student engagement with your FLO topic to provide targeted support to a student; prioritise outreach to students and assess participation.

If you require assistance with using and accessing analytics within FLO, please speak with the Learning Designer in your College or view the overview of all reports available in FLO.

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