Advance HE Connect Benefit Series – Transitions, Retention and Progression

The disruptive impact of the pandemic on the lives of current and prospective university students cannot be overstated. Interruptions to schooling, rapid changes in delivery mode, access and technology issues, assessment adaptations, disrupted social connections, economic stress, isolation, fatigue and mental health fragility have all served to threaten the quality of the student experience and transition into or back to university.

From August – October Advance HE are running a project focusing on transitions, retention, and progression in higher education and the difficulties and potential of various experiences and approaches.

The project includes blogs, podcast episodes, panels, webinars, resources and events and is designed to provide a forum for further debate and creation of ‘new normals’ while reflecting on collective knowledge and approaches. It is free for member institutions.

Access the Advance HE Connect Benefit Series here.

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