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Each month we share some of our timely frequently asked questions around educational technology.

Q: Can I view a history of when students have accessed resources and activities in FLO?
The Logs in FLO are a great tool for viewing participation. Log reports can be configured by activity, time frame, individual or all students, actions, and more. Reports can also be downloaded in Excel.

Refer to FLO Staff Support for information on the various reports you can access in FLO. If you would like assistance, contact your local eLearning support team who can help you navigate the reports in your topic.

Q: How can I view which activities an individual student has completed in my topic?
The Outline report in FLO provides an overview of all activities and resources in your topic. The report displays how many times the student has viewed each item (including the last access date), how many postings in a blog or forum, and any grades for assignments / quizzes.

Outline reports are generated one student at a time. Go to the student’s profile page (select Participants from the Topic links block and click on the student’s name). Under the Reports section, click Outline report.

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