Shut up and eportfolio

Date: 4th February 2022

These sessions are designed to give you time to work on your OWN eportfolio.

It is important if you advocate eportfolio practice for student use that you are also an eportfolio practitioner, and that you have personal experience in setting up and maintaining your own eportfolio or eportfolios for a variety of audiences and purposes.

It can be hard to do deliberately set aside regular times to do this, so this is your time to work on planning, creating, or updating your eportfolio.

These 1.5 hour sessions are loosely based around the Pomodoro method of writing and will include:

  • discussions of goals and outputs
  • sustained periods of eportfolio work / writing
  • sharing and reflection time for attendees

If you have so much on that you just need to plan, do that but no emails and no Facebook or Twitter, and try to avoid mindless web surfing. This is your time to do something for you and your career.

Visit information and registration page.

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