FLO updates for 2022

On 13 December, teaching staff received access to their 2022 semester 1 FLO topic site/s (access occurs 77 days prior to topic commencement so this will vary for NS1 topics). Topic coordinators were notified by email that their site/s has been rolled and information on what’s new in FLO and available support resources was provided.

This article outlines and expands on the information sent to topic coordinators to ensure all teaching staff are kept up to date.

If you don’t have access to your 2022 NS1/S1 FLO site/s you will need to be added to the teaching team in Student Management. You can arrange this via the Service One form: FLO – Teaching Team Member Update.

Staff with a FLO editing role have an opportunity to review the content, refresh the site, update activity due dates, etc. The FLO topic rollover checklist highlights in more detail the steps you should consider. Whether you are a new/existing topic coordinator or other staff member with topic responsibilities, you may find the site Preparing for teaching in FLO useful for tracking FLO-related tasks.

The following additional support resources are available:

Note: Student access to FLO topic sites is 7 days prior to topic commencement. For semester 1, this will be 21 February 2022.

What’s new in 2022?

Fail or Holding grade column in gradebook
As part of the changes to the assessment policy, the Holding grade column in gradebook has been replaced with the Fail or Holding grade column. Additional information is provided in the article New Grading Scheme and Gradebook Changes for 2022.

Naming conventions for FLO sites
The following new modes of delivery have been implemented in various administrative systems and they now appear in FLO topic names:

  • ONL – online
  • ONC – on campus
  • POC – partial on campus

Shared sites (when two or more FLO sites are combined) will no longer have the word ‘Shared’ in their name, instead the topic codes will be listed, eg. GOVT9006 + GOVT9007.

Improvements to FLO
On 13 December, FLO was upgraded with new functionalities and appearances for some items. Read about changes to activity dates and activity completion in the FLO upgrade article published in December.

Note: If you currently use activity completion tracking in your topic and you’ve provided instructions to students on how to use it, please review and update them to reflect the changes since the upgrade. Contact your local eLearning support team if you’re unsure.

Resubmission notifications
A standardised resubmission process for students, in line with the new Assessment policy, was introduced in the second half of 2021. A ‘Resubmission notifications’ link is included in all FLO topic sites. More information is available on the Resubmission webpage.

Library service enhancements
The library can assist you with finding the most student-friendly online resources for your topic. For help, contact the library via the Online content for topics query in Service One.

Reading resources and third-party materials can be collated in the dynamic Readings system. For help, contact the library via the Readings query in Service One.

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