Don’t miss notifications and new forums posts in FLO!

Do your students complain they ‘miss’ things in FLO? You can help them learn how to manage their notifications by sharing this new Ping! article .  Don’t forget, staff can use this process too!

Do you find FLO sends you too many emails?

You can fix that too! It’s easy to customise your FLO settings to control which email notifications you receive.

Here are a few helpful tips to optimise your notifications …

Notification settings

Look for the bell icon in the top right-hand corner of your FLO screen. New notifications appear in red. Click on the ‘bell’ to view notifications and update your settings.

Click on the ‘cog’ to choose which notifications, from a wide range of options, you would like to receive. You can disable or enable email and web notifications for activities.

New Forum Post Settings

Do you see your unread message notifications? If not, go to MyFLO/ Preferences.

Click on Forum tracking and select ‘Yes: highlight new posts for me’.

Subscribe to a Forum
In the notification instructions above we described how to click on your notification settings cog and switch on/off each channel. If you switch on ‘subscribed forum posts’, any new posts to forums you are subscribed to, will appear in your notifications.

How to Subscribe

Open the forum and access the settings using the cog icon (top right).

HOT TIP: If optional subscription is enabled, you may wish to follow a weekly discussion and then unsubscribe from it and follow the next weeks! You won’t miss a thing!

Need more help with FLO? Check out the FLO Staff Support page.

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