Semester 2 topics rolled and available from 9 May

Topics will soon appear in FLO, with eLearning teams having rolled over the content from the last time it was offered. Once your topic has been rolled over and you have access to it, what’s next?

Staff with a FLO editing role have an opportunity to prepare FLO sites for teaching. In the current climate this may include converting more teaching materials to an online format or revising the changes you made last year. You may want to look at:

To assist with preparation activities, you may want to refer to the FLO topic rollover checklist or to the Preparing for teaching in FLO site.

Here are some key dates to be aware of:

9 May: Staff access to semester 2 FLO topics

15 July: Last day to set up semester 2 shared topics

18 July: Students get access to semester 2 FLO topics

25 July: Semester 2 teaching starts

Additional support resources are available:

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