The way our students access Studiosity is changing

From Semester 2, students will be able to access Studiosity directly through the Assessment Hub* within their topic FLO site/s.

Changing the way students access Studiosity, from a separate FLO site to direct access via their topic/s, has several major benefits:

  • It will raise student awareness of the 24/7 English, maths, science, and general study support available through Studiosity.
  • Student access will be streamlined via a direct link within their topic/s, rather than a separate FLO site.
  • It will enable simpler messaging to students regarding Studiosity access (i.e., access directly from your topic FLO site/s).


Screenshot of Studiosity embedded within the Assessment Hub.

A communication strategy is being developed to ensure students are aware of the changes and how to access Studiosity, going forward.

If you have any questions, please contact

*For topics without an Assessment Hub, this information will be embedded above the Text Matching Draft Dropbox, while Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students will access via their Online Induction and REST FLO sites.

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