Workday Release 1 – Key Dates


As we get closer to the first release of Workday, our new HR platform, the MyWorklife Program team and People and Culture will be working through a detailed schedule of carefully time activities. Here are a few key dates for our technical deployment of Workday.

4 May 2020

A snapshot of the latest HR data has been taken from Ascender Pay and loaded into Workday. Staff should continue to use Employee Self Service (ESS) and FlindersPro as they usually would. This is a key milestone for the program team as the HR data snapshot taken at this date will enable the build of our final Workday solution.

29 May 2020

Workday will be made available to the Program and P&C teams to check data integrity. HR data changes made via ESS and FlindersPro between the 1st and 29th May will be manually loaded into Workday by program and P&C staff. To prevent further HR data changes before Workday is released to all staff, some functionality in ESS and FlindersPro will be taken ‘offline’ or disabled for all staff.

Whilst a number of ESS and Flinders Pro functions relating to People & Culture will move into Workday, some will continue to exist in ESS and FlindersPro after this date.

The following functions will continue to be carried out in Employee Self Service (ESS)

The following P&C functions will continue to be carried out in FlinderPro

It’s important that any supervisors have processed any pending approvals in ESS before the close of business on Friday 29th May. Any pending transactions in ESS that have not been approved by the supervisor before the close of business Friday 29th May will not be carried over to Workday and will have to be re-entered in Workday after the 9th June.

9 June 2020

Workday will be available to all staff and affiliates (status holders).
Staff will see the Workday icon in their Okta dashboard from the 9th June. People & Culture will be encouraging staff to check their profile and update their information if required.

To ensure our business readiness for Workday, a variety of staff briefing activities are planned for weeks immediately before and after our scheduled release to all staff. People & Culture staff are receiving Workday training, albeit in a virtual environment due to our working-from-home circumstance.

Dedicated briefing videos and virtual Q&A session will also be available for supervisors and who will be acting as a Workday Support Point of Contact in their team. More detailed communications will be sent to staff with information about these in mid-May.


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