Workday is Live!

Workday was released to all staff on Tuesday 9 June 2020 and can be accessed via employees’ Okta dashboard or via the mobile app.

Workday will provide staff with clear visibility of Flinders’ organisational structure and easy ways to navigate the University’s organisation chart.    Workday will also be the source of truth of employment information and where a significant portion of People & Culture business processes will be performed.

An extensive list of Workday User Guides and other support resources has been prepared to support staff using the new platform, and FLO training modules have also been developed for all staff and supervisors.

Steve Barrett, Director, People & Culture and one of the lead sponsors of the program says: “Introducing Workday is an exciting change for Flinders, and will improve how staff manage common People & Culture tasks. This is the start of our journey transforming People & Culture services, which we will continue to improve over the course of 2020 and into 2021.

“We have already reviewed and refined many People & Culture processes and configured Workday around these.”

Kerrie Campbell, Chief Information Officer, adds: “This is a significant system investment for Flinders and one that is vital for us to continue to strategically transform our technology capabilities.

“Workday is going to allow us to secure, manage and utilise our workforce data more effectively and will unlock many opportunities for us. Introducing Workday will enable further technology changes in the coming months, including decommissioning ESS, Staff Affiliations system, Page Up and parts of FlindersPro, and free up precious resources while improving staff experience. IDS and People & Culture have been working in partnership to prepare for this first release, and I’d like to acknowledge all the of the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes to prepare for this implementation.”

The release of Workday is the first step towards the transformation of the People & Culture function at Flinders University, and another milestone in the University’s sweeping technology overhaul to better support staff and students.

While Workday will reshape technology and business processes, the journey has only started in providing industry-leading human resource processes supported by latest technology to deliver exceptional, staff-focused services.

There will be further Workday releases in coming months to complete the University’s vision for a more productive, empowered and engaged workforce.

Visit for more information on Workday, including support resources, and for more information on the People & Cultures transformation.

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