Upcoming Workday release and new P&C Service One requests

— Update to blog with revised release dates —

N.B. Please be aware, Employment Variation requests not approved in FlindersPro by close-of-business Wednesday 5th August will need to be re-submitted by supervisors via Service One.



Since Workday has been released, there has been a significant focus within the MyWorklife program on supporting staff to use Workday and pick up new business processes. In the coming weeks and months, further service changes will be delivered incrementally via a number of smaller releases. These smaller incremental changes will address Employment Variations, Casual Engagement and staff recruitment.

Next MyWorklife release – 6th of August

On Thursday 6 of August, the remaining Employment Variations request forms in FlindersPro will be moved to Service One and Workday.

Some employment variation types have already moved into Workday. Only Higher Duties Allowance, change of fraction or work pattern, and ‘other’ remain. To replace these, following new Service One request forms will be released:

  • Request Change of Employment Fraction or Work Schedule
  • Request Higher Duties Allowance
  • Request Topic or Course Coordination Allowance

Once these Service One requests are received by P&C Employment Services, approvals for the supervisor and budget owner will follow within Workday as they do today for other employment change business processes.

In addition, we will be making one further change to our Service One offering with a new ‘Request a Reclassification’  service. This is only a minor change to the way reclassification applications are submitted to People & culture. There will be no change to the application form or the reclassification process itself.

These changes will further reduce our use of FlindersPro and simplify the People & Culture service experience for University staff.

As we get closer to the release date, these changes will be communicated to all Flinders supervisors and Topic or Course Coordinators.

If you have any questions about the changes proposed in our next release, please reach out to the program team directly at myworklife@flinders.edu.au.

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