DRS eResearch Survey for 2018

We are celebrating the end of the DRS eResearch Survey for 2018. There were fantastic responses, and we are so grateful to everyone who participated.

And we have the winners of the competition for participants! We have emailed everyone, and as they contact us we are organising their chosen prizes. So, thank you and congratulations to:

  • Gerry Redmond
  • Reid Honan
  • Elena Rudnik
  • Carly Moores
  • David Watson
  • Keryn Williams

We are currently evaluating the results, and will be publishing the key findings once this process is complete. We will also be keeping everyone updated with what we do with those findings in future, to help bring you the best in eResearch services and solutions.

Thank you again, and we look forward to having an even better repsonse for the 2019 DRS eResearch Survey!

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