The DRS team recently spent a day examining how we can use Design Thinking in our projects better; and thank you very much to Jason Cotton […]

Demystifying Agile

People who work in Information Technology often get accused of using too many acronyms and esoteric concepts. Today we would like to take the time to […]

Agile & Business Analysis

As part of our Agile Our Way focus, we all do a lot of reading about how to improve not only what we offer, but how […]

Blitz Planning March 2018

And hasn’t March gone by so quickly! Busy times for us all in DRS. We are an agile based team, and we all got a great […]

Job Story versus User Story

The user story has been the go-to Agile technique for breaking down requirements into manageable chunks for incremental delivery of work. The usual format is: As […]

BHAGs, Instability & Purpose

From the article on Medium: Early agile processes, invented in the 20th Century, punted on the question of “why are we building what we’re building?” They said […]