Digital Business Analysis: Key Practices

A link from the IBM Global Thought Leadership series (free registration required) on Digital Business Analysis: Crossing the Charm from the Traditional to the Digital World provided what […]

Retrospectives Methodology

Regular retrospectives at the team and project level are a fantastic way for the team to take time for reflection on what is going well and […]

CAUDIT Top Ten for 2018

May already – and the chilly weather has arrived suddenly, after a last lovely burst of warmth. The only ones on the main Bedford Park campus […]

User Stories & Projects

End of April, and we are diving deep into the Skillsforge project – and other things we can’t share just yet. Stuart and Susie are leading […]

Output vs Outcome

Discussion of Output vs Outcome – this relates to one of the key learnings from the most recent conference attended; namely to do as it says, to measure […]

Agile & Business Analysis

As part of our Agile Our Way focus, we all do a lot of reading about how to improve not only what we offer, but how […]

The launch of Skillsforge (Inspire)

Our big news is all about SkillsForge. We have had the amazing Professor Tara Brabazon talking about it: And we have had Skillsforge discussed and announced on […]

Blitz Planning March 2018

And hasn’t March gone by so quickly! Busy times for us all in DRS. We are an agile based team, and we all got a great […]