What are some tips for producing high quality lecture recordings?

Q. What are some tips for producing high quality lecture recordings?

A. Here’s our top five.

  1. Remember to use the microphone, and make sure its switched on. If you forget, one of our technicians might call you on the room phone to remind you.
  2. Be sure to maximise any applications you’re showing, so they fill the entire screen. This will help readability on the recording.
  3. Be conscious of time. The lecture recording automatically starts at ten past the hour and finishes at the hour on the dot. If you run over, the recording won’t continue so students watching the recording will miss your big conclusion.
  4. Make the most of the available camera angles and inputs so the recording captures what really happens in the room. If you draw equations on the whiteboard or display an object under the document camera, press the corresponding button on the touch panel so it’s captured in the recording. Not sure how? See this post about the presenter controls.
  5. Pause your recording, and/or switch off the microphone at any point in the lecture when you’re having a private or informal conversation with students or a colleague. You don’t want those going into the recording in FLO for all to hear!

If these tips were helpful, why not come learn more? Our teaching space technology can do some great things and we’re happy to help you learn it for the first time or level up. The AV Services team provides a monthly ‘top tips for using teaching room technology’ sessions. Or, we can schedule a one-on-one session if you prefer.

Please note: If a lecture should not be recorded (due to absence, or if the session is an interactive workshop, or similar), let us know in advance by cancelling or  requesting an exemption. Otherwise lecture capture staff may attempt to contact you on the day.

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