Empathy and intuition a unique gift

I have been fortunate to have good health throughout my life and, other than the birth of my children, haven’t had reason to receive treatment at the hospital. Until last week that is, when I went to the hospital for day surgery. Nothing serious, but it was intimidating nonetheless, especially since my husband was not allowed to enter the hospital due to COVID restrictions.

After I navigated to the right ward, changed into a hospital gown, and was led to the operating room, I was greeted by a lovely nurse named Elizabeth. She was exceptionally attentive and reassuring throughout the procedure.

The doctor, while friendly, was quite focused on the procedure and not overly communicative with me. Elizabeth deftly assisted the doctor, intuitively providing her with the proper tools almost before she was asked. And at the same time, Elizabeth was very reassuring to me, checking in on how I was doing, explaining the different parts of the procedure as they happened, and lightening my tension with care and humour.

I marvelled at how deftly she supported both the doctor and myself and seemed to know exactly what we both needed. Her professional skill coupled with her empathy and intuition is a unique gift and I can’t help but wonder at how many patients she has helped put at ease during stressful times. I can only hope her family knows how skilled she is at her chosen profession.

Shaune, Master of Education graduate

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