Never give up

I graduated as an RN from Flinders in 2014 and it was hard to find an RN job in the first two years.

I was doing agency work during this time, and was questioning whether I would be a nurse or not.  ‘Should I go back to China and work in my father’s company?’  But to be a nurse was my dream since I first heard the story of Nightingale at the age of 5 years old. I was so conflicted. 

Thanks to my husband giving me super support during my hardest time. Especially when COVID-19 broke out this year, he encouraged me to apply for an RN job again and said: ‘go and try again, people need you, use what you learn to help them’.

Finally, I received an offer in February. All staff and patients like me and appreciate what I did to help cover shifts during those four tough months. So, I want to tell all nursing students, especially those from overseas, NEVER GIVE UP. ‘Success belongs to the persevering’. You are the best, and you deserve the best!

I am now continuing to do the Master Degree in Flinders. Thanks Flinders University where I learned all my skills from and the best-ever international student service offered!

Liang, Bachelor of Nursing graduate and current Masters student

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