PhD research combining cancer information and language skills for new immigrants

New immigrants to Australia with low functional English are entitled to free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes where they learn how to settle into all aspects of life in Australia. At this stage, there is no information for them about cancer risks and prevention strategies in the Australian context. These ESL classes might be a useful way to inform the language learners at the same time as they study English. To support her research questions, Donna is designing an ESL curriculum that informs about cancer risks, prevention behaviours and prevention services at the same time as developing English listening, reading and speaking skills. The curriculum is currently in its final stages of development and will be trialled in the adult language classrooms over the year ahead to assess its efficacy and feasibility as a viable alternate mode of health messaging for new immigrants to Australia. The project has been generously supported by a Flinders Foundation FCIC small research grant.

Actors representing language learners, who will appear in the video vignettes

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