A new Flourishing partnership to improve mental health


The Órama Institute has formalized a partnership with Flourish Australia to focus on improving mental health through joint research, education, training and micro-credential programs.

Flourish Australia and the Órama Institute will investigate how a peer or non-professional mental health workforce could be upskilled to support people with pre-existing or arising mental health issues through preventative and early intervention programs. This new mental health workforce could be mobilised to support people at times of national crisis to meet demand within Australia’s mental health system.

Professor Mike Kyrios says one in two Australians are likely to experience a mental health issue in their lifetime, so investing in evidence-based services and support is vital for the health of all Australians.

“We know from research that we can improve mental health and help develop resilience. The challenge has been providing access to preventative wellbeing programs to the Australian community, particularly those that are most at risk of developing mental health problems during crises.”

Flourish Australia is a community-based mental health service provider which has built one of Australia’s largest peer workforces, with more than 50 percent of the people employed having had a lived experience of a mental health issue.

“Flourish Australia is proud to be partnering with one of Australia’s leading education and research institutions to develop innovation in mental health support,” said Mark Orr, chief executive of Flourish Australia.

“We know from our own peer workforce that offering authentic support helps people see a way forward and make positive changes. Peer work is the future of mental health and to see it evaluated at the highest scientific level is an incredible opportunity.”

Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing Chris Picton, Prof Mike Kyrios, Chief Executive of Flourish Mark Orr, and Prof Tracey Wade

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