Annual Appeal: ‘Making an impact together!’

Last week the Flinders “family” of alumni, donors, staff and friends received the Annual Appeal direct mail campaign in their letterboxes: “Making an impact together!”

Our goal for the Annual Appeal is for every student with the potential to have the opportunity to study at our University – to make their impact – irrespective of their financial background.

We are heartened by so many staff members who already contribute philanthropically to our University, and many more former and current staff who have expressed an interest in participating each year. This is the power of collective giving – that many people coming together and giving modest gifts to the cause they feel post passionate about, can make a big difference.

All Flinders staff will receive an email this Thursday, 4 June, inviting them to consider a gift to the Appeal – no matter the size – and combine together to bring benefits to a Flinders student. To see the impact your gift can have, read more here.

For more information or to make a donation to the 2015 Annual Appeal read the full details, or if you would like to discuss any aspect of the Appeal, email Emily Drewniak or call the Marketing and Communications Office on ext 13707.

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