2017 Flinders University Researcher Mentoring Scheme

Expressions of interest (EOI) are now open for academic and research staff who wish to participate as mentors or mentees in the 2017 Researcher Mentoring Scheme (February-December 2017).

EOIs need to be lodged by 2nd December 2016.

Mentoring is a strategy to support the careers of Flinders researchers who are early-career and those transitioning to mid-career status.

Each mentee is assisted in developing and maintaining a one-on-one mentoring partnership with a mentor, who is a senior Flinders academic and matched based on a mentee’s expressed requirements.

To date, mentoring has positively impacted on ECRs’ well-being and research profile, including grant income and publications.

Mentees have reported that the scheme has enhanced their ability to plan their research career, set goals, lead, manage and collaborate.

My mentor’s research area is very niche and she has built an international reputation in the area – so I have some great insights into strategy to get research noticed, building capacity, and strategic opportunities to take advantage of.  Mentee, 2015

I got some great mentoring on strategic networking both within and outside the university which I had no idea about. I think the best part, which is difficult to measure, is having someone to talk to about whatever is going on… someone who can be objective.  Mentee, 2015

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