Graduate Employability 2.0: The networked approach

That’s the title of Associate Professor Ruth Bridgstock’s 2015-2016 Australian National Senior Teaching Fellowship.

The Fellowship supports student, teachers and universities to build and use effective professional connection and partnership for innovation, career development and learning.

In this workshop, on November 17, participants will explore the use of the connectedness learning educators toolkit for their own programs and contexts.

Using the toolkit resources, participants will engage in a reflective self-assessment of their program or institutional area to identify areas of existing strength and future opportunity for connectedness capability development.

This self-assessment forms the basis for a strategic action planning process to foster the connectedness capabilities of students, enhance pedagogic approaches, and cultivate enabling strategies that will develop and strengthen connections between the program and its key partners.

When: 17 November, 9.00am to 12.00pm

To enrol click here.

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