Are you an Italian academic, or an academic with an interest in Italy?

The Association for Research between Italy and Australia of South Australia (ARIA-SA) is a group of academics from diverse disciplines and fields engaged in research in South Australia with a strong connection to Italy.

Whether you were born and raised in Italy, born and raised in Australia with Italian ancestry or simply have a research interest in Italy, you can join.

Everything ARIA-SA does has a research focus and it is a great way to get to know other Italian academics and/or academics with an interest in Italy who live in South Australia.

In November 2017 ARIA-SA organised and hosted the multidisciplinary conference “Italian Research Down Under” at Flinders along with the Italian Embassy.

The group is currently trying to create a comprehensive database of Italian academics in SA, academics of Italian ancestry and academics interested in Italy.

The database will be used along with the South Australian Com.It.Es. (the Committee for Italians Abroad in South Australia) to invite selected guests to Italy-related events in Adelaide and South Australia.

If you would like to be included in the database or get in touch please send a brief email to .

Together with the South Australian Com.It.Es., ARIA-SA will soon organise a networking event, so make sure you’re on the list.

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