Minding the gap: making mindfulness safe in education

A new book on mindfulness in education is being published by Dr Leigh Burrows from the School of Education in July 2017. The new book, called Safeguarding Mindfulness, is an important key work in helping teachers practice ‘safe’ mindfulness to meet the needs of vulnerable students.

The book aims to assist teachers in school and higher education settings to make informed decisions about whether to include mindfulness in their teaching, depending on their own capacity, student cohorts and activities to make sure it is safe for more vulnerable students.

Safeguarding Mindfulness argues that the only way forward for mindfulness in education is to adopt an individualised approach that builds on what effective teachers already do in their work with vulnerable students through extending their knowledge about mindfulness and its possible effects.

In this way teachers’ existing skills are celebrated and extended, and mindfulness pedagogy develops organically with teachers, becoming a genuine and felt experience both for themselves and their students rather than an ‘add-on’ intervention.

About Dr Leigh Burrows

Dr Burrows is the Director of the Flinders University Mindfulness Special Interest Group. In her teaching, research, professional learning provision, consultancy and counselling she is particularly interested in ‘safeguarding’ mindfulness so its potential benefits are available to all students in schools and university including the most vulnerable.

Dr Burrows has published in the area of mindfulness, professional learning, spiritual and emotional wellbeing, inclusion, trauma and holistic approaches to working with vulnerable young people with learning and emotional difficulties and their parents. Her research draws on phenomenological, heuristic, case study, organic and narrative methodologies.

Order the book

Until 31 December 2017, Safeguarding Mindfulness is available at a 20% discount by completing the Routledge Book Order Form.

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