Researcher leads inclusion in sports education

A Flinders lecturer has been recognised for his outstanding advocacy for diversity in sport, winning the inaugural Champion of Inclusion Award at the National Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Conference.

For more than ten years Dr Sam Elliott has been strongly focused on sport inclusion research and has published many articles on the subject.

He has actively influenced the next generation of sport professionals to be champions of inclusion, by developing the first ‘inclusion in sport’ curricular program in higher education in South Australia. The topic is now a core component for students studying physical education, coaching, and sport, health and physical activity at Flinders University.

Dr Elliott said the award holds special significance to him and is testament to the commitment to inclusion by Flinders and the hard work and vision shared by his teaching team and the innovative and creative minds of the students.

“I am privileged to work in a space where advocacy for inclusion in sport is embraced by all and honoured to be recognised for my role in ensuring the next generation of emerging sport and physical education professionals embrace their role in fostering inclusion in sport.” He said.

By developing resources for the wider sporting community, Dr Elliott hopes to inspire others to do the same. “I share an ambition to foster a generation of emerging sport and physical education professionals to be their own champions of inclusion”.

Along with Dr Elliott, nine Flinders students were selected to join him and present their professional development resources at the national conference.

To be recognised by industry leaders as emerging champions for inclusion in sport and physical education and invited to present at a conference of this scale is an outstanding achievement. Flinders congratulates Amelia Cummings, Aengus Drake-Harris, John Evans, Lisa Goodfellow, Curtis Hall, Chloe Jones, Aidene Parr, Olivia Sully and Sonya Tufo.

Dr Elliott is an early career researcher and lecturer in Sport, Health and Physical Activity in the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work and an active member of the SHAPE Research Centre



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