Food needed to stock student larders

Many students rely on the weekly Flinders Community Market at the Oasis Centre to obtain a variety of free and low-cost food items. However, once the exam period is over, the market goes into hibernation until the start of semester 1 in 2019, leaving many students in need of affordable food.

Flinders staff members are being encouraged to help students over this holiday period by donating any tinned, wrapped or packaged non-perishable food at a range of donation bins across campus – located at Oasis, Registry staff room, Sturt staff room and beside Local Brew (the Law Courtyard coffee shop).

It will make an enormous difference to students on very low incomes if staff are able to provide any spare food from their homes (please ensure they are still-in-date items), or perhaps buy two items on sale during a visit to the supermarket and donate one for student distribution.

Ali Barnes, Wellbeing Promotion Officer at Oasis, says that interested donors are welcome to come to Oasis and learn some heart-warming stories about where their food goes and the people who benefit from receiving the donations.

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