Coaching tips reach beyond lines, laps and lectures

Specific coaching expertise within Flinders University’s School of Sport, Health and Physical Activity has been called upon at the National Rugby League Coaching Conference in Sydney. Associate Professor Shane Pill was invited to present at the conference held in ANZ Stadium on Sunday November 25, and was also interviewed by the NRL for the organisation’s coaching podcast.

Associate Professor Pill’s presentations focused on developing players as decision makers through using the “game sense” coaching approach. About 100 coaches attended across the two workshop sessions for junior (U12) and youth (13+) coaches. The workshops showed how to condition games for play with purpose, to teach specific tactical and technical concepts, and to avoid any need for excessive “lines, laps and lectures”, which Associate Professor Pill says turn people off attending training because they claim it isn’t fun.

One of the workshop participants praised Associate Professor Pill for “one of the best professional learning experiences I have had, and it was great to listen to you share your wealth of knowledge”.

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