Wellness a worthy wish

Listeners of Mix102.3 may have heard about Jodie & Soda’s Biggest Rescue Ever – ‘Kerry’s Final Wish’, which is raising funds for the Flinders Foundation to build a new cancer wellness centre at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (FCIC.)

A wellness centre was part of the original vision for FCIC to promote health and wellbeing, and provide more support for people and their families affected by cancer.

Kerry Briggs was a patient when the centre opened and has continued to advocate for the development of a wellness centre to cater for the growing needs of people and their families with cancer, as Ms Briggs experienced following her own diagnosis.

It is envisioned that the centre will become a focal point for patients and their loved ones, to connect with others and receive support. Wellness services will be developed collaboratively by clinicians, researchers, patients and their families, with a range of physical, emotional and practical needs addressed. Fatigue, anxiety, relationships, diet, finances and employment have already been identified as some of the priority concerns.

To help make this valuable centre a reality, Jodie and Soda will attempt to break a Guinness World Record by sitting on a Ferris Wheel for 52 hours straight during the Adelaide Fringe. They are hoping their commitment will inspire enough donations to the Flinders Foundation to enable the wellness centre to be built.

Donate – or sponsor a carriage

More information on the initiative is available on the Mix102.3 website.

Staff are encouraged to spread the word on this important cause – or if they know of a business or entity that may be interested in sponsoring a Ferris Wheel carriage, please visit flindersfoundation.org.au or contact the Flinders Foundation team on (08) 8204 5216.

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