How the Keogh story affects us all

The next BRAVE lecture will deconstruct the true story of a wrongful murder conviction in South Australia and the journey to free an innocent man.

In recent years the USA has had over 2,000 exonerations, the UK Criminal Cases Review Commission has helped overturn some 440 convictions and Innocence Canada has helped to exonerate 25 people who were wrongfully convicted.

Major reports in each of those countries identified prosecutorial misconduct, faulty expert evidence, police misconduct and judicial error that has led to corrective actions. Yet Australia has no review commission and stubbornly resists claims of wrongful conviction.

In South Australia, it took researchers 14 years to overturn the murder conviction of Henry Keogh, despite the fact that the state had declared the expert witness in his case to be unqualified 20 years earlier.

So why did it take so long to allow an innocent man’s conviction to be appealed and overturned? And how does this set a precedent for all South Australians and our right to just and fair treatment in the eyes of the law?

Learn why vigilance for the protection of human rights should be so important to everyone through this remarkable story.

Guest speakers

Where: Level 1, Room 1 182 Victoria Square

When: Thursday 25 July 2019, 5:30 – 7:30pm

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