SBS shines a light on wrongful convictions

As part of the recent Raising The Bar suite of public lectures, Dr Robert Moles highlighted the pursuit of miscarriages of justice in South Australia. His work will be further shared in two upcoming SBS episodes.

The recent event, held at The Alma Tavern, Norwood, on August 13, specifically focused on Dr Moles examining the murder convictions of Henry Keogh and Derek Bromley.

For those who didn’t attend – which featured Henry Keogh in the audience – there is a video recording of Dr Moles’ presentation posted on Facebook and can be accessed via Dr Moles’ Networked Knowledge website. These sites also link to supporting documentation of Dr Moles’ findings.

The same topic was also covered by Dr Moles in his recent BRAVE lecture presented by Flinders University on August 6 ­- and a link to footage of this presentation can be found on YouTube.

Shining a further light on Dr Moles’ work in these cases, SBS Insight will broadcast Wrongful Convictions on 27 August and 3 September – a series discussing the Australian cases of Henry Keogh, John Button, Frank Button and the US cases of Debra Milke (who spent over 20 years on death row) and Greg Bright (spent over 27 years in one of the toughest prisons in the US). All had convictions overturned, having established that the evidence against them was false and misleading.

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