Short stories from Tall Poppies

Two of Flinders’ superstars of science communication will represent the University at a South Australian Museum event to celebrate and share the state’s fascinating research.

‘Short Stories from Tall Poppies: A Night of Science’, on 4 September 2019, will feature some of SA’s best and brightest young scientists who have won Young Tall Poppy Science Awards.

Each Tall Poppy has just three minutes to share their story and take the audience on a journey of discovery, who will then vote for a People’s Choice Award winner.

Dr Justin Chalker and Associate Professor Rodrigo Praino will share their insights on subjects that include converting waste into new polymers that capture pollution, the influence of the environment on genes, and how we choose who to vote for.

Dr Chalker will then participate on a panel to explore the role of science communication in helping to forge a ‘Pathway to Hope’ in today’s changing world.

Tall Poppy Dr Justin Chalker received his award in 2016 for research that included the discovery of a polymer to reduce mercury pollution. He runs the Chalker Research Lab at Flinders University, which is dedicated to applying innovative chemistry to the world’s challenges in sustainability. Recent projects include the development of new polymers to tackle PFAS and oil spill pollution, and innovative polymers made from waste sulphur that are capable of replacing plastics.

Dr Rodrigo Praino was also awarded his Tall Poppy in 2018 for his cutting-edge combination of experiments, statistical modelling and real-world data to explain how citizens arrive at their voting decisions, and the consequences on our society.

He has assessed issues relating to inequality in Australia and overseas, investigated career paths of policymakers to understand influences on their behaviour, and identified how policy outcomes differ according to gender, ethnicity, ancestry, age and other features.

Focused on sharing intriguing research with a broad audience, this event is suitable for teenagers and adults. Tickets are available online for $12 each.


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