Calling academics from diverse cultures

The ABC is building a resource of culturally and linguistically diverse experts, and Flinders University’s media team is seeking academics to contribute to the list.

Diversity at all levels in the media is vital as it influences the stories that are reported and often how stories are reported.

One in four Australians were born overseas and nearly 20% speak a language other than English at home. Yet a PwC report (2016) found that 82.7% of Australia’s media workers are monolingual and speak only English at home.

Karen Ashford, Director of Media and Communications at Flinders, says “The ABC’s focus on building its culturally and linguistically diverse expert list signals its determination to make sure the voices it shares are as diverse as its audiences.

“This is an excellent opportunity for our researchers from various backgrounds, cultures and languages to boost their media engagement with the national broadcaster, and in doing so, contribute to media diversity and support our own University goals to elevate our world class research.

“We’re already actively promoting the media presence of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers, as well as our women and gender diverse researchers.

“Extending this to specifically elevate the voices of culturally and linguistically diverse academics will benefit inclusivity at a University level, and in the media more broadly.

“We’d love to hear from research and teaching experts at all levels of their careers, whose names will be added to our own expert list and external lists as appropriate, including the ABC’s culturally and linguistically diverse media contacts,” Ms Ashford says.

To be included, please email your key area/s of interest, your cultural background or language spoken other than English, and contact details including mobile number to the Flinders University media team.

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