Global deal for Flinders reagents

Flinders University’s specialist research reagents are heading into a range of neuroscience and allergy research projects around the world after entering an agreement with Ximbio, the antibody supply arm of one of the world’s largest research charities, Cancer Research UK.

The Polyclonal Antibody laboratory at the College of Medicine and Public Health has been producing antibodies against proteins and small peptides for about 50 years.

The supply of certain peptide reagents could grow in volume and range, says senior research fellow Dr Tim Chataway, who managed the proteomics facility.

Dr Chataway says the facility has 46 different products from 27 antibodies that are distributed through companies such as Millipore Corporation and Novus Biologicals in the US and Abcam in the UK and US.

Ximbio offers scientists and Technology Transfer Offices the opportunity to commercialise and share their research, and life science companies can source new products in a streamlined process to accelerate important research.

Research officer Nusha Chegeni says the Flinders facility has become an important supplier of surplus antibodies for other international distributors.

Ms Chegeni handles immunisation preparation, serum handling, characterisations and purifications and deals with international orders, shipping and handling.

Once the antibody has been isolated, purified and charactised by chemical/immuno techniques, it is freeze dried and packaged for transport with all customs and quarantine documentation.

Antibodies are proteins found in blood and other body fluids are the front line of defence in fighting viruses and bacteria in the body.

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