Congratulations to award-winning creative

The creativity and impactful expressiveness of a kinetic sculpture titled ‘edges of excess’ has won Flinders alumna Kate Bohunnis the prestigious Ramsay Art Prize – and the University’s enthusiastic congratulations.

The 30 year old graduated from Flinders University in 2017 with first class honours in Creative Arts, and receives $100,000 in prizemoney in what is one of the nation’s richest art prizes for Australian artists aged under 40.

Ms Bohunnis’ stainless steel, aluminium and silicon sculpture comprises a pendulum axe over a flesh-like form.

Flinders University Museum of Art (FUMA) Director Fiona Salmon is delighted by Ms Bohunnis’ success.

“Kate was not just a stellar student, but was also in the first cohort of students to participate in FUMA’s fledgling Object Based Learning curriculum, which has now become a successful and embedded feature of the University’s cross-College learning,” Ms Salmon says.

Object Based Learning sees students across many disciplines – from arts to medicine and the sciences through to business – illuminate their learning through the use of art held by FUMA, bringing a creative and human dimension to their studies.

“For example, an Indigenous painting could help a medical student understand the challenges faced by people living remotely; a sculpture could help an engineering student empathise with the trials of a person living with disability and inform the development of more sensitive technology.

Ms Salmon adds “the visceral emotion of Kate’s work reflects the human condition and the often precarious tension between anxiety and calm, and the uncertainty of existence… representing the very best of art and its capacity to profoundly influence the way we see the world and interact with it”.

“We are so very proud of Kate for this impressive achievement and warmly congratulate her on this prestigious award, wishing her every success as she continues to build upon her talents,” Ms Salmon says.

The Ramsay Art Prize – an acquisitive art prize for contemporary Australian artists – was established by the Art Gallery of South Australia in the name of South Australia’s leading cultural philanthropists James and Diana Ramsay.



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