Volunteers needed for neck and head study

Researchers from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences are seeking participants for a research study to measure fluid changes in the head and neck – and they need healthy individuals to start the study.

They are testing some hand-held tools to measure the fluid, tone and temperature of the head and neck anatomy, involving areas including the mid-cheek, under chin and neck. This is part of a larger study aimed at measuring the presence of lymphoedema, which is a swelling usually caused by injury or illness.

The data collected from this study will serve as a control data set of healthy individuals.

So, you’re welcome to participate if you are working at Flinders University, aged between 25 and 75 years, and are free of injury or illness to your head and neck.

Participation will take about 45 minutes, and volunteers will be provided with $10 Grind and Press voucher in thanks for providing your time.

Participation will not affect your work, and your responses will remain anonymous.

This research project has been approved by the Southern Adelaide Clinical Human Research Ethics Committee (Project number: 359.18).

Interested participants should contact Sylvia Mok by email: mok0030@flinders.edu.au

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