New process coming for external contractors

From 21 July, Flinders University is changing its process for external contractors working on our campuses. The new process will better comply with WHS regulations as we support contractor safety on campus.

All staff members engaging contractors need to follow this process.

Changes include:

  • All contractors will require a sponsored FAN. Exceptions (eg for delivery drivers) can be found in the contractor engagement guide.
  • Contractor management services will move to Service One, and contractors can use both the customer portal and a mobile app.
  • Contractors must register with the University through Service One – from there they can complete inductions, permit applications and sign in/outs.
  • Property, Facilities and Development staff will conduct site and safety inspections for any contractors on campus to ensure they are following the correct process.
  • There will be a Contractor Directory in Service One that you can search to find a registered contractor.

If you engage contractors in your area, please ensure you are familiar with your responsibilities by reading the contractor safety management procedures and the Quick Reference Guide for engaging a contractor in FLO. General information about contractors is available online, but please note that this content is currently being updated to reflect the new process and will be live from 21 July.

We will provide more information closer to the roll-out, however if you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Flinders’ Property, Facilities and Development Customer Service Team at or on (08) 8201 2733.

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