Grant dashboard now live

The project team within IDS Research Engagement & Success have been working with staff to create a new integrated dashboard as part of the Grants Lifecycle Management Project.

The first version of the dashboard is now live in Flinders Intelligence Portal (FLIP) and has been enabled through the progressive release of functionality and capturing of data. Grant awards data can now be aggregated with other data sources including TechOne and Workday in one dashboard report view.

The dashboard, developed specifically to provide more clarity to Chief Investigators about the status of their research project finances, collates data from the following systems:

  • TechOne (finance)
  • ResearchNow (research outputs, grant funding and researcher profiles)
  • Workday (human resources).

Only Chief Investigators who manage a TechOne project account for their research grants will have access to the dashboard. Depending on your level of access in TechOne, you will be able to view data for your own projects in the dashboard.

The new dashboard has been developed collaboratively with researchers, RDS staff and finance staff, and incorporates their feedback. This is the first release of the dashboard and enhancements will be made over time.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Bec Linehan (Senior Business Analyst) at

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