Cybersecurity forum for schools

Education faced an extremely high level of ransomware attacks last year, with infringements hitting 44% of organisations in the sector and a total bill exceeding $3.6 billion.

Faced with these challenges, experts from the Jeff Bleich Centre at Flinders University shared their insights with independent school officials last week in a special forum at the Alere Function Centre.

The risks and rewards of cybersecurity, along with the challenges and opportunities available to educational institutions, require a high level of management, the forum was told.

Precautions start with active engagement in students’ cybersecurity as well as schools staying abreast of the latest developments in digital technology and institutional cybersecurity.

Professor Don DeBats, Dr Zac Rogers and Dr Maryanne Kelton – all from the Jeff Bleich Centre for the US Alliance in Digital Technology, Security and Governance – joined Association of Independent Schools of South Australia chief executive Carolyn Grantskalns and Scotch College principal Dr John Newton to speak to more than 70 people registered for the special event. Dr Lesley Seebeck, former CEO of ANU’s Cyber Institute also made a presentation.

The event concluded with panel commentary from three Flinders University College of Business, Government and Law students – Shannon McSkimming, Ashley Ramachandran and Georgia Van Dissel.


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